Handmade & Hand-Marbled Journals

An ongoing production of handmade, one of a kind journals. Marbled book-cloth. Vintage and recycled photo inserts.


Naturally dyed fabric, hand-stitched & quilted. Endpapers made from the pulp of recycled letter correspondence. The words in this book consist of rearranged responses from co-inhabitants who were prompted to explore safety, hurt, and community. The result was a series of vignettes that wonder at the making and unmaking of home, from the personal domestic space, to the wider world. Spring 2020. Edition of six.


Hardcover bound artists book. Printed on a Royal Scriptor typewriter, a challenge proof press, and Xerox machine. Meditations on motion, memory and archeology. Printed 2019. Edition of one.


A soft cover accordion book. Written on a Smith Corona typewriter and letterpress printed with polymer plates taken from graphite drawings. How much goes unsaid? Printed in 2018. Edition of 30. 


A book of composted words and definitions sourced from Merriam Webster and the surprises of google translate. Printed in 2018. Edition of 10.

The Wonder Lot

A hybridization of questions and answers selected from Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying Lot of 49 and The Book of Wonder, a children’s book published by the University of Knowledge Inc. Made in the Summer of 2017. Edition of one.


Pocket erotica of fruit and flesh. Six envelopes of cropped photo transparencies. Made in the Summer of 2017. Edition of one.


A book structure invented for 33 Seconds of Afternoon. Summer of 2017. Edition of one.


An accordion artist’s book inspired by the continuity of ancient scrolls, made in 2016. Detailed interior images here. The book contains elements of research from time at the Burren College of Art, coordinated around the theme of the fragment. I wondered how fragmentary shapes influence our consciousness and what could be understood through their contemplation.  The motion of the book meditates on greek torsos, sapphic fragments, Irish bog bodies, memento mori, and journal entries. Images rendered in water-colour, ink, and collage, interact with the text. The final manifestation of this project was realized in a multi-media installation that dialogued with oil paintings, drawings, and sculpture. Edition of one.